FREE Fall events at Joe’s!

On Site / Insight

September 17th at 7:30 pm
Maida Withers of Maida Withers Dance Construction Company discusses her historic site-based works and presents films and photographs of works that took place locally and internationally inside and outside of buildings, at galleries and museums, earth sites, National Parks, and other non-traditional spaces.

Acts of Arriving Workshop

Saturday, September 27at 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Join The PlayGround for a series of hands-on workshops for all ages. Activities will include art and writing projects, mini-performances, and creative placemaking. Stop by for 10 minutes or the whole time.


Half Hangit Maggie, Cake in the Sky and Famous Birds
Saturday, October 11at 7:00pm
Pay What You Want
Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center and Joe’s Movement Emporium are partnering to offer this new incubator series for both locally-based and touring artists who want to develop new work with input from the community.

Acts of Arriving

Saturday, October 18 at 11:00am
Join The PlayGround for unique performances incorporating dance, spoken word, and original music while exploring and celebrating DC locations. Current schedule: 11:00 am @ Joe’s Movement Emporium, 1:30 pm @ Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market, 3:45 pm @ Meridian Hill/ Malcom X Park, 6:00 pm @ The Millenium Stage at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

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