NEW ADULT CLASS: Contemporary Dance with Kelly King & Contradiction Dance

Contemporary Dance with Kelly King & Contradiction Dance

Thursdays 10-11:30am | $10 per person

Open to all levels who have a foundation in dance, thirst for clarity in their technique, and a curiosity for purposeful movement

Kelly King invites you to explore various styles of contemporary dance and approaches to movement. Class typically includes an introduction, conditioning warm-up, across the floor exercises and a choreographed combination. Kelly is known for her warm and inviting approach to class; she encourages all who are curious to attend with an open heart and open mind!  Contradiction Dance loves people who need to move in order to feel their best.  If that’s you, please do the single hardest thing… show up! Come and let your passion for dance fly, studying with the seriousness of a child at play.


More about Contradiction Dance: Kelly King (Artistic Director) makes dances for theatre, film, stage, and street… and all the places people go in-between. Kelly serves the creative community as a dancer, educator, choreographer, consultant, advocate and audience member. She has choreographed and performed all over the world, from the finest of stages to the muckiest of crosswalks. Need dance? Hire me.


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