Dance your way to a Better Body and Happier You!

NiClaire shares her own Before and After photo

Every Wednesday night at 7 pm Studio 2 transforms into an hour long bumping, sweaty, dance party. NiClaire Jones of Ncrease Fitness discovered Zumba when she decided, after years of carrying around excess weight, to dance her way to a better body and happier self. By changing to a healthy diet and attending Zumba only twice a week, she lost nearly 100 lbs. Inspired by her Zumba journey she became certified as a Zumba instructor and started Ncrease Fitness:

Joe’s staff met NiClaire when we took her class together at a local community center where she was teaching a few loyal students in large gymnasium. Inspired by her energy and fully winded from her vigorously fun work out, the feeling was unanimous: we’ve got to have her at Joe’s!

Little did we know that NiClaire would transform Studio 2 into a big ole dance party every Wednesday evening. Complete with festive low lighting, a pumped up sound track, and fruit infused water, an evening with NiClaire feels less like a work out, and more like night out. Except this night out is purely for you to look good and feel good. Come alone, come with a group, wear whatever feels comfortable that you can move in, tie on your favorite pair of sneakers and dance your way through an incredible hour of heart pumping fun. NiClaire starts you out slow and always gives directions to help you find the move to the bumping beat and winds down the rigorous hour with a stretch routine that ensures you leave feeling fit, healthy, happy, and relaxed.

Register today by clicking here! Or simply come on into Joe’s 10-15 minutes before the class starts and register right at the door of Studio 2.


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