GROOV3 with Dee Brown at Joe’s

December 27th, 11 am – 12 noon. Click to register.

GROOV3 is a one-hour, high-energy, dance-’til-you-drop cardio-funk class (geared toward adults, but translates to all ages) with a mission to inspire change and build communities through the power of dance.  Simple combinations accommodate all dance/fitness levels, featuring the hottest mixes and a live DJ regularly — it’s class and a dance party rolled into one.  For more, click here.

Donisha (Dee) Brown is a writer, actor, and dancer who has toured the world with the award winning show STOMP. As a child, she moved over 13 times and would create imaginary worlds to live in when friends were hard to come by. After receiving her BA from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she choreographed for and performed with four different dance companies, she immediately moved to New York to pursue her dream of performance. Donisha’s parents always encouraged their whimsical daughter in all her creative endeavors but always reminded her to keep writing. When Donisha is not dancing around LA, she is usually on her computer working on several children’s books as well as screenplays.


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