Two Job Openings at End Time Harvest Ministries, Inc.

122_ETHM--logo-main2ETHM BUILDS and EMPOWERS youth to LEAD and IMPACT the health and wealth of Port Towns and Prince George’s County communities by equipping youth with educational, social, moral and economic life skills.

ETHM’s  primary goal is to develop and empower youth leaders by:

  1. Preparing youth for the college and careers
  2. Equipping youth with leadership and character skills
  3. Promoting youth-led health and wellness advocacy

The Port Towns Youth Council, ETHM’s Community based student leaders (ages 10-17) empower and engage others to be stewards and stakeholders in the development of healthy communities.

ETHM’s Programs are implemented through our Youth Development & Empowerment Institute and our Youth Wellness Leadership Institute.

ETHM is looking to fill two positions. Check them out below:

Career Development & Outreach Coordinator: $35,000-$40,000 Per Year

Individual must have at least 3 years of community-based youth development, education and/or recreation experience. This experience could have been acquired through volunteer service, in youth ministry or mentoring, etc. A bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Public Administration, Ministry, Childhood Education or some related field of study is desirable. Individual must have demonstrated that he/she is capable of effectively multi-tasking, and can work well with diverse cultures. Individual pays attention to details, proof reads work efficiently, is proficient in Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Power Point and possess social media skills. Possessing bi-lingual skills (English and Spanish speaking and writing) is preferable. Independent transportation (a car) is required.

Download job announcement: Career Dev Coordinator Announcement

MANAGING DIRECTOR: $50,000-$55,000 Per Year

Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree in a discipline related to public health, public policy, urban planning, education, social work, nonprofit management and has at least eight years of successful program management or related experience. Preference is for candidates with proven successes in organizational development, fund raising, leadership, supervision, and financial management. Effective communication skills—oral and written—are a must. Applicant must have experience that demonstrates individual can proficiently solve problems, make decisions and has ability to use a range of technology skills, (i.e., Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher and social media). Preference will be given to applicants who possess bi-lingual English / Spanish speaking and writing skills. Independent transportation (a car) is required.

Download job announcement: Managing-Director Announcement



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