Dream Island Explores Memory and History At Joe’s Movement Emporium

Dancer, Choreographer Naoko Meshiba in Residence June 1-7 to Create, Perform New Work   

Mount Rainier, MD – Performer, choreographer, director and dancer Naoko Meshiba will be in residence at Joe’s Movement Emporium June 1-7, 2015 to create a new work entitled Dream Island .  Performances of the work will take place on June 6 and 7 at 8pm on both nights in Joe’s black box theater located at 3309 Bunker Hill Road in Mount Rainier, MD.   Tickets are $25 for general admission.  Students/artists/groups can contact Joe’s for special pricing.   The program is supported by a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council.

Meshiba describes Dream Island as a highly charged physical expression that is part carnival, part laboratory, part archeological trip.  “Melding movement, text, music, and installation, she explains, “it concocts thirteen vignettes infused with playful, humorous, explosive, amorphous, and dark absurdity. Initially inspired by a Japanese theme park built on the buried landfill called ‘Dream Island’, this piece digs, examines, and reveals layers of debris, getting deeper and more distant from the reality. The audience is asked to bear witness as five characters attempt to search, reconstruct, and uncover memories and histories that are tangible and fleeting, personal and collective.”

“The project directly support our goals of establishing a more robust presenting presence and cultivating new audiences, providing dynamic engagement and high-quality, meaningful cultural experiences for our community,” said Brooke Kidd, executive director of Joe’s about the program.  “Joe’s normal artistic programming will be diversified and augmented through this project.”

For more information and to purchase tickets visit www.joesmovement.org or cal 301-699-1819.


About :  Dancer.  Choreographer.  Director.  Born in Kobe, Japan, Naoko Maeshiba comes from a diverse background in literature, linguistic, anthropology and theatre.  Maeshiba’s work to date has focused on revealing the unveiled state of the body through its contact with the immediate environment.  She carefully conceives and prepares space in its sculptural, auditory and visual dimensions for dance to visit the body.  Her solo and ensemble works range from site-specific improvisation in collaboration with musicians and visual artists to tightly choreographed full-evening length pieces in theatre.  They have been experience in both traditional and non-traditional venues in North America, Eur4ope and Japan.  Her 12-performer ensemble piece, “Paraffin,” treated the theme of loss of identity through socialization and received the Best Dance Performance Award from City Paper’s Best of Baltimore in 2009.  She is listed on the Maryland Performing Artist Touring roster of the Maryland State Arts Council.  

About Joe’s:  Joe’s Movement Emporium, Prince George’s County’s largest independent performing arts center, serves as the artistic base to over 25 artists and arts group of all disciplines. Complete with black box theater, three dance studios and an arts education wing, the facility serves nearly 70,000 individuals annually. As one of the region’s most well respected non-profit arts center, Joe’s successfully utilizes arts as a vehicle for cultural enrichment, economic growth, progressive education and workforce training, serving 3,500 youth last year alone.


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