New Class Schedule Announced! Welcome Anna Rain Inner Light Yoga & Afro Fusion Groove!

Yoga Hermione-20ADULT CLASSES

Class schedule begins September 8th.


9:00 am Iyengar Yoga §
12:00 pm Easy Fit (Gentle Cardio)**
4:30 pm Iyengar Yoga §
6:15 pm Iyengar Yoga §
6:30 pm Vinyasa Yoga*
7:00 pm Hand Dance Beginner***
8:00 pm Tai Chi*
8:15 pm Hand Dance Intermediate***

Yoga Hermione-12TUESDAY

3:00 pm Vinyasa Yoga*


11:30 am Gentle Yoga*
7:00 pm Vinyasa Yoga*
6:00 pm Boss Boot Camp
7:00 pm Zumba**
7:00 pm Hand Dance Beginner***
8:15 pm Hand Dance Intermediate***


Yoga Hermione-119:30 am Iyengar Yoga §
6:00 pm Iyengar Yoga §
8:00 pm Iyengar Yoga §


6:30 pm SHIM Belly Dance Workout


9:00 am Zumba**
9:30 am Vinyasa Yoga*
10:00 am Hand Dance Advanced***

Yoga Hermione-6SUNDAY

10:15 am Dharma Inspired Restorative Yoga*
2:00 pm Low Flying Trapeze ‡ 
3:00 pm Umfunai Dance Series 
4:00 pm Afro Fusion Groove*
5:00 pm Vinyasa Yoga*

Please note the EMPORIUM side of Joe’s means we have many different artist groups that use our spaces to grow their movement and wellness small businesses. Different classes have different rates and registrations based on the organization. See below for payment information.

Yoga Hermione-5CLASS LEGEND:

indicates a Joe’s Class. Payment is $12 to drop in or purchase a 10-class pass for $100. Seniors may ask for senior rate of $5. Register online by clicking here.

** indicates a NCrease Fitness LLC class with NiClaire Jones. Classes are $10 to drop in. Register online by clicking here.

*** indicates a Smooth & EZ Hand Dance Institute class. Classes are $10 to drop in and an additional $10 for first time registrants. Learn more by clicking here.

§ indicates Inner Light Yoga classes with Anna Rain. Rate is $15 weekly/semi-weekly; $16-$18 drop-in. Please contact to register.

‡ indicates an UpSpring Studio class. Please contact to register.

 indicates Boss Boot Camp with Tamar Wilsher-Rivas. Please register in advance by clicking here.

◊ indicates a Deep Rhythms Dance class with certified Umfundalai teacher Monique Walker. 8 week sessions are 9/27 – 11/15, 1/2 – 2/21, 3/6 – 5/1. Full registration is $100/session or drop in for $13. Please register in advance by clicking here.

※ indicates a Sacred Hips In Motion (SHIM) class. Drop in rate is $12 cash, $13 credit card. Register onsite. More information can be found by clicking here.

Yoga Hermione-19IMPORTANT DATES:

  • Summer Semester ends August 23rd
  • Fall Semester September 8th – December 21st
  • Spring Semester January 2nd – June 14 2016


  • Thursday, November 26, 2015 (Thanksgiving)
  • Saturday, December 5, 2015 (Craft Fair)
  • Friday, December 25, 2015 (Christmas)

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