Save your Health this Holiday Season with Kathy McNeely

This past week Joe’s met with Kathy McNeely to talk to her about the exciting package of health and wellness workshops she’s offering the community here at Joe’s Movement Emporium this Holiday Season.

Photo courtesy of Kathy McNeely

Photo courtesy of Kathy McNeely

Kathy McNeely, MS, CNS, LDN, is a licensed Nutritionist and Health Coach. She practices at Center Point Healing in College Park, MD, via Skype and Face Time by appointment.  Kathy also works part time at a non-profit clinic in Wheaton MD with mostly Spanish-speaking and uninsured residents in Montgomery County. Kathy is a fluent Spanish speaker and is passionate about using food as medicine. She and her husband live in Mt Rainer.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am a nutritionist who works with individuals to find dietary solutions to support their optimal health. Because no one diet works for everyone, I look at the whole person (health & family history, health status, age, activity level, body composition, blood panels and personal preferences) to assess individual nutritional needs. I love to share my passion for food as medicine with individuals and groups through workshops and cooking demonstrations on various health and nutrition topics.

Why are you offering these workshops here at Joe’s?

I offer workshops at Joe’s because I live here in Mt Rainer, and want to share what my passion for good, nutritious food with my community. Nourishment is about so much more than food! Joe’s movement Emporium is a place where my neighbors and friends go to nourish their bodies and souls by moving their bodies and appreciating the artistic expression of movement.

Why are workshops like these important?

Often we overlook the importance of eating regular, balanced meals to keep us strong and active. What and how we eat matters. These workshops help us explore the small steps we can take to improve our diets to support our optimal health and wellness.

All workshops are free and open to the public. There is a suggested donation of $10, but don’t let that scare you away!

Apple Season Cooking Demonstration with Kathy McNeely
Thursday, October 29th at 7pm
Wondering what to do with all those apples? 
Suggested Donation $10

Spices, Flavors and Flavoring with Kathy McNeely
Thursday, November 12th at 7pm
Put down the salt and add more spice to your life! 
Suggested Donation $10

Health strategies for the holiday season with Kathy McNeely
Sunday, November 22nd at 2pm
The holidays are coming! Be prepared
Suggested Donation $10

The skinny on Fats with Kathy McNeely
Sunday, December 6th at 2pm
Good fat, bad fat, learn the difference.
Suggested Donation $10

Talleres en ingles y espanol sobre la buena nutrición. Venga a participar con Kathy McNeely, una nutricionists bilingue a explorar los temas:

  • la sal: ¿amigo o enamigo?
    • 4 de octubre a las 2 pm en Joe’s Movement Emporium
  • Manzanas – una demonstracion de cocinar manzanas en algunas maneras
    • Jueves, 29 de Octubre a las 7pm. En Joe’s Movement Emporium
  • Especias, sabores y sazones y como usarlos
    • Jueves, 12 de noviembre a las 7 pm, Joe’s Movement Emporium
  • Las Grasas: ¿Qué puedo comer?
    • Domingo, 6 de Diciembre a las 2 pm, Joe’s movement Emporium

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