The Ghost of Strasburg Haunts Joe’s Nov. 20 & 21st | Buy Your Tickets Now!

IMG_7788Welcome to the Strasburg Hotel…

Where the ladies offer more than a good night’s rest… They provide sanctuary to lost souls.

Circa 1929 in Central Virginia. When the wife of a policeman seeks refuge from her husband at the Strasburg Hotel… the hotel proves anything but idyllic.

From critically-acclaimed playwright Carol Lee Campbell (The Goddess Diaries) comes a new story that blends history with a touch of magic in a genre-defying drama about our dalliances with eternity.

Only $15 to see this brand new show!


  • General Admission: $15

Two Nights the week before Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20th at 8pm
Saturday, November 21st at 3 pm

Click Now to Buy

A note from Carol Campbell“The twenties was a time of great achievement for women, having the 19th amendment ratified, for one. But the pace of change is slow; women who worked or were not married and mothering by a certain age were considered outside of the lines of normalcy and often accused of being immoral and sexually deviant. Ghost is full of characters that live their lives outside of society’s norms.

The issues haven’t gone away. This play holds parallels, including what struggles women today face about their body, their friendships and their fate.”

Check out the Facebook event for great updates, photos of cast and crew and more!


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