Get in Shape in 2016! 8 weeks, 8 slots, 8 week meal guide, GR8 Results!

Early Registration Extended 48 hours!  Secure your “Great 8” slot at the reduced rate TODAY! Leave your excuses in 2015!! Don’t let another year come and go without you caring for the person that matters most, YOU!
Ncrease Fitness, LLC
The Great 8 Cycle 2 begins 1/13/16!
**8 weeks, 8 slots, 8 week meal guide, GR8 Results!**
The Great 8 small group training program is off to a great start!  Cycle 1 participants are definitely noticing AND enjoying their increases: inches lost, pounds shed, body fat percentage decreasing, lean muscle percentage increasing,  increased energy, increased strength and stamina, more agile, and their confidence is through the roof! I am beyond excited to continue this program with the start of cycle 2! 
Will YOU be one of the Great 8?!? 

The “Great 8” Small Group Training Program Features:
16 fat blasting, muscle building workouts over an 8 week period (The Great 8 meets every Monday and Wednesday during the session period from 6:00-7:00 AM at Joe’s Movement Emporium, 3309 Bunker Hill RD Mt. Rainier MD)
-An 8 week Meal Guide
-Pre and Post program body composition analysis and fitness testing
-A small group, no larger than 8 participants, allowing your coach the opportunity to offer YOU individualized attention.
-Exclusive Access to your Great 8 coach via email and a “members only” Great 8 Facebook group.
-**NEW This Cycle** 2 Free Zumba class passes during the session 
-Early morning sessions, allowing you to get up, get moving, and get your workout out of the way!
-All Equipment Provided
-A “lane” (modified options) for ALL training levels.
-Convenient location for traveling into the district for work after training
-Large Bathrooms available with access to “quick clean” stations, allowing you to freshen up, change, and travel to work immediately after training
-Payment Plan options available. for individual inquiries.
The “Great 8” Early Registration!
Early Registration for the Great 8 is in FULL EFFECT and has been extended until Wednesday, December 30th, 2015!  Lock in your “Great 8” spot at the Early Bird Rate of $225.00.  The REGULAR FULL SESSION PRICE of $250.00 will go into effect Thursday December 30th and end at the commencement of the session.  IF you are a returning Great 8’er, enjoy an additional $20.00 off of your next session! Please click the appropriate registration link below to secure your spot in the Great 8 Small Group Training Program Cycle 2!
Ncrease Fitness, LLC |240.351.6139 | |

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