Mount Rainier Little Free Library UPDATE

About this time last year, one of Joe’s dedicated yoga students, Kathy Shollenberger, set up an official Little Free Library # 2126 at the corner of 30th and Shepherd in Mount Rainier, MD.
Below they share some of their favorite stories about the library:
First was the neighbor who came after dark, clearly on purpose (no mere passer-by) because he was armed with a flashlight and several books to contribute.  There was the woman who shouted, “OMG, here’s the only Henning Mankell mystery I haven’t read!”  There was the brother and sister team of kids who knocked on the door to ask me if I could keep a look-out for a certain sort of book (can’t remember exactly what).  Someone told us that ours is the first LFL she’d ever frequented that had kids’ books.  Someone else put a notice about their lost turtle inside.  A book of states appeared, and I noticed that its young owner had drawn a chart on the inside front cover where he hoped that people borrowing the book would sign in and say where they were born and where they live now–a bit of neighborhood original research.
IMG_0054However the Little Free Library needs a sponsor. The two previous Mount Rainier Little Free Libraries were built and donated by the Boy Scouts, but they  have not functioned well due to neglect. To help ensure library #2126 flourishes, Barry & Kathy check on the books daily, recycle those that are too old or tattered or out of date, note what’s come and gone, and add from their personal stock.
The Mount Rainier couple has kept the library going with books from their own shelves, from Goodwill and from the Hyattsville Library used book store. And now they’re turning to you, the community, for help. Here’s what they need:
  • Picture Books
  • Early Readers
  • Young Adult Books
  • Adult Books: Fiction & Nonfiction
  • Graphic Novels
  • Comic Books
  • How-to’s
Please note books that are tattered and filthy are not attractive items to include in the library as well as books with outdated information.
To donate a few books, visit Little Free Library # 2126 at the corner of 30th and Shepherd in Mount Rainier, MD. To donate a whole lotta books, email Kathy and she’ll let you know where to drop them.
One last note from Kathy:
If you don’t live in Mount Rainier and prefer to donate books to a LFL in your neighborhood, please do.  Or put up one of your own.  It is a wonderful community builder.

One thought on “Mount Rainier Little Free Library UPDATE

  1. The Little Free Library at Brentwood Market (37th St and Webster St) has consistently had children’s books, but we to know the pain of books checking out but never checking back in. That’s okay if people are reading them though.

    Here are some pics of our LFL, which is an old public telephone.


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