EVENT ANNOUCMENT: Nootana presents Looking Glass

Nootana presents Looking Glass

Nootana presents their 4th annual spring showcase, and original dance drama, “Looking Glass,” on May 21, 2016, at Joe’s Movement Emporium.

In this captivating tale of a beautiful queen transforming herself and her kingdom from an environment of love, beauty, friendship, and compassion to the embodiment of vengeance, mystery, drama, and disintegration, Nootana continues to present the DC Metropolitan area with innovative renditions and perspectives of live Indian classical music and dance, incorporating perspectives and styles from all over the world.

Limited VIP tickets are available for front row seats with refreshments included.

Purchase tickets by clicking here.

About Nootana

As a dedicated, respectful, and talented group of artists, Nootana brings the Washington DC Metropolitan area its premier Indian Classical Music and Dance Ensemble, under the direction and vision of Rishi Das. Sanskrit for “Innovation,” Nootana is the first DC based ensemble performing these two traditional art forms together live, tastefully juxtoposing innovation and tradition but continuing to reinforce the roots of this historic tradition, in our unique multidisciplinary environment.

We strive to continue fostering innovation and preserving tradition through cultural expressions of music and dance throughout Metropolitan Washington DC. Please join us by supporting us at a performance, volunteering at one of our events, or joining our team of talented musicians and dancers.

As resident artists at Joe’s Movement Emporium, in Mt. Ranier, MD, Nootana has presented “Journey,” an enthralling tale of suspense, mystery, and drama told through Nootana’s unique expressions of Indian classical music and dance.


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