NEW CLASS: Introducing GOSHIN JUTSU with Zen Budo Karate

Introducing GOSHIN JUTSU with Zen Budo Karate
Meaning “Protect the Life Force”, Goshin-Jutsu is an ancient art of self-defense, emphasizing practical, no nonsense movements geared towards real life, real world situations. This class is open to people of all styles and levels of training, from beginner to expert.
When: Tuesdays at 5:30 pm April 12 – June 14th
Ages: Kids: 5-11, Adults: 11+
FOR KIDS: Zen Budo Karate is a holistic martial arts program that combines meditation, yoga, bullying prevention tactics, realistic self defense and traditional Karate training. The emphasis in our teaching is on partner work participation, rather than imitation of the instructor.
FOR ADULTS: Zen Budo Karate training for Adults focuses on Kata application which includes throws against a resisting partner, free sparring, Randori (random attacker) training, and practical self defense. Students also learn pressure point attacks and traditional martial arts weapons training. Adults get the benefit of hard, challenging training in a fun, safe environment.
Learn more about Zen Budo Karate by clicking here
Uniforms: Uniforms are available for $35, and must be purchased before the first test. Students must complete two sessions before they are tested. Students who cannot afford uniforms may apply for a scholarship/grant with Zen Budo Karate.

Testing Fees: Zen Budo Karate does not charge testing fees. A nominal belt fee ($5) is charged for the belt you receive upon promotion.


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