NEW CLASSES: UpSpring Studio’s Summer Aerial Classes

Every seen aerial at the circus and wished you had the strength, the guts, hutzpah to fly through the air with the greatest of ease? Thanks to resident artist company, UpSpring Studio, now you can! UpSpring Studio specializes in adults new to aerial with classes designed to teach you fundamentals that tap into the joy of being weightless and improve core strength.

Check out:

Aerial Fundamentals – Sundays from 2-3pm – June 19th through August 21st

IMG_0433This drop-in class for students of all levels covers fundamental aerial techniques on trapeze and aerial fabric. Topics may include conditioning techniques, climbing fabric, improving flexibility, perfecting trapeze mounts, training for better inversions, improving fabrics foot locks, and other essential skills. Beginners will learn new skills from attentive instructors while experienced students will focus on perfecting technique. New UpSpring students or previous students who have not taken an aerial class in the past six months should contact to register before dropping in. $35 drop-in or $200 to register for the entire 8-week session. (Note: There is no class on July 3rd or August 7th.)

Stretch and Strengthen – Mondays from 12-1pm – June 20th through August 22nd

IMG_0444Learn techniques for increasing strength and flexibility with the help of friendly and attentive instructors. This drop-in, beginner-friendly class is for students of any age and ability and will be taught on the ground as well as on low-hanging aerial yoga hammocks and trapezes. Are you a stay-at-home-parent? No worries. This class is baby-friendly! No prior experience is necessary, but brand new students or students who have been away from UpSpring for more than 6 months should contact to register before coming to their first class. $35 drop-in or $200 to register for the entire 8-week session. (Note: There is no class on July 4th or August 8th.)

Aerial Dance – Extended Edition Wednesdays from 8:30-9:30pm – Starts June 8th!

This extended edition of Aerial Dance will dig even deeper into tools for creating meaningful aerial choreography. In the first few weeks of class, students will learn a short, simple sequence on dance trapeze and aerial hammock. The class will then explore tools for expanding and deepening the sequence and using that to create original aerial work. This class is for all levels, and no prior aerial dance experience is necessary. More advanced students will be able to work on the apparatus of their choice. Students in this class will have the option of performing their finished work for friends and family at the end of the summer. Going on vacation? No problem. This class meets for 10 weeks, but students only pay for 8! The cost is $200. Advance registration required. Due to the cumulative nature of this class, no drop-ins are permitted. (Note: There will be no class on August 10th.)

To register, please email Alana at UpSpring Studio by clicking here.


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