NEW FREE CLASS: Community Vinyasa Yoga

Joe’s Movement Emporium is dedicated to helping new yoga teachers become certified by providing space for them to complete their certification by offering their classes, free for the community, and getting feedback.

Starting May 8th, Joe’s is thrilled to welcome one of Brooke Kidd’s yoga students, Stephen Bascietto,  to the studio for 6 weeks of Vinyasa Yoga classes. All classes are free; attend all 6 or drop-in to just one.

Class dates: Sundays, May 8th – June 19th, NO CLASS May 29th

Class time: 10 am – 11 am in Studio 2 

Community Vinyasa Yoga Class:

A moderately paced flow style class with a mix of standing/balancing postures followed by calming “yin style” floor postures. Verbal and visual demonstrations of poses will be offered as well as modifications. Attendees are encouraged scale the class offerings to meet their bodies while feeling inspired to try something new and different.

YogapicAbout Instructor:

Stephen Bascietto: A native of Maryland, Stephen spent his youth exploring the woods of Howard County and trying to find ways around doing his homework. Motivated by passion and guided by intuition, he answered the call for his heroes journey when in 2010 and set out to become a custom guitar craftsmen. Yoga made it’s way into his life in 2014 and he almost immediately recognized the many benefits asana offers. The intention behind his offerings are to provide a fun, comfortable environment for you to explore and connect with your mind, body and universal spirit.

Are you a yoga teacher looking for space to complete your certification? Contact Brooke Kidd by clicking here.



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