Join Joe’s on Twitter Tomorrow for a Facilitated STEAM Chat


Tomorrow Joe’s Movement Emporium’s twitter account (@joesmovement) is in the capable hands of Sarah AbdulRazak for a facilitated chat on how we can make #art #education work and achieve #STEAM.

Sarah is pursuing her MA in English Literature at Georgetown University and has been working with Joe’s Movement Emporium to help develop a parent-friendly arts-education after-school advocacy guide (coming soon!).

Meet Sarah, in her own words:

Sarah plots stories in her tepee and changes the world on the road. When she is not seesawing between her make-believe plane of theories and what not in her dim lit writer’s crib, she flies off to serve and discover other planes of existence in faraway shores. She comes to Joe’s with a passion for social activism through the arts and scholarship. Stay tuned for her empowering tweets on how art can make a difference and empower the human imagination. The hashtags: #art #education #empower

Be sure to check Sarah’s fabulous #empowering #artsadvocacy tweets over at @joesmovement tomorrow night, May 18 at 8 PM ET.


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