Victorious, D.C. Women of the Gridiron Arrives in Mount Rainier, MD for a Final Fundraiser



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MOUNT RAINIER, MD June 22— FrontRider Media LLC in partnership with Joe’s Movement Emporium announces the launch of a final fundraising campaign for the feature-length documentary Victorious (formerly Women With Balls). A special screening of Robert´s previous film, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, will be followed by a discussion with members of the D.C. Divas will be held on Monday, July 18 at 7pm at Joe’s Movement Emporium located at 3309 Bunker Hill Road, Mount Rainier, MD. Admission is by donation. A work in progress, 20-minute sample of Victorious will also be screened.

WATCH: Victorious Trailer (Documentary – 2016) from Robert Mac on Vimeo.

Victorious captures the camaraderie, sisterhood, and spirit of the D.C. Divas, a full contact, female football team, during their 2015 undefeated season in the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA). Each Diva has a unique life story regarding how she got there and the life lessons football has taught her along the way. Their stories will empower others to step outside the box in which society has placed them, inviting all women to be victorious in their quest for true equality and empowering them to play by their own rules. The D.C. Divas’ home field is the Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex.

Produced and directed by Robert Mac, the production was filmed in Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. Robert’s cameras were with the Divas for every game throughout their undefeated season culminating with their National Championship title in 2015. Principal photography is now complete, and the post-production process has begun.


An additional $35,000 is needed to complete post-production with the aim to premiere the film at the 2017 Sundance Film festival.

One supporter, Prince George’s County Councilwoman Mary Lehman comments, “I had no idea we had a women’s professional football team in my county. I want to make sure the world knows about this incredible group of female athletes who are striving for equality on and off the field.

And when an independent, local filmmaker requires financial support, we need to step up. I am proud to invest in creative industries that showcase local talent and tell compelling stories, and I encourage other county officials, community and business leaders, and citizens to do the same.”

“I hope I can finish the film independently and share America’s best kept secret: real women play football with pads and helmets on, just like men. I also hope to enlist those touched by the courage of the Divas to take up the fight for true equality on the field, off the field, in the workplace, and beyond.” Mac says. Contributions can be made through Joe’s Movement Emporium at

About the Women’s Football Alliance

The Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) is the most competitive women’s football league in the United States. Over 40 of the nation’s strongest women’s football teams belong to the WFA — including the D.C. Divas — making it the biggest women’s football league in the world today.

About Robert Mac

Robert Mac is an award-winning filmmaker and the Executive Producer/Co-creator of the sensational hit Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, which has had over 20 million viewers—and is considered one of the most successful health documentaries ever made.

Mount Rainier business owner Lisa Harris comments, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead was a powerful film that was a part of the motivation behind the creation of my business, The WaterHole. This film helped me believe a change was coming to the way people approached nutrition and that it was possible my community could be open to juicing. The WaterHole was always a dream for me and this film was a huge part of my inspiration!”

Robert also produced and directed The Small Poppies, a one-hour documentary that was commissioned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and features Academy Award-winning actor Geoffrey Rush. Several of Robert’s short films have played at major European film festivals, the Montreal Comedy Festival, and the Sundance Film Festival. He is also an award-winning screenwriter who has recently completed his first book, The One Poke Principle or How Not To Fall in Love. Contact Robert Mac, Producer/Director, at or 301-335-3661.

About Joe’s Movement Emporium

Joe’s Movement Emporium is a cultural arts hub that acts as a catalyst for creativity and economic opportunity for all through productions and programs in education, artist services and work readiness. Located in the town center of Mount Rainier, Maryland within the Prince George’s County Gateway Arts District, the organization supports and promotes creative projects of local artists and community groups. For additional information on programs and events, please visit


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Neena Narayanan at 301-699-1819, or email


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