Joe’s Theater Tech Program Opens 2016-2017 Enrollment

The Theater Tech Program (TTP) of Joe’s Movement Emporium is a job-training program in lighting, sound, digital media, photography, storytelling and more that provides skills for creative industries.  TTP has been in existence for eight years. The program serves young Prince Georgians ages 17-22 who are high school seniors, recent high school graduates, or working on their GEDs.  There is a program during the day for out-of-school youth and in the evenings for high school seniors.  TTP serves young people from low-income families who live in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Proof of household income is required.

Learn more about TTP: This is TTP

Students participate in a four-month training program and receive a stipend for completing the training phase.  A paid internship of 60 hours is offered at minimum wage and additional hourly paid work may be available with Joe’s theater tech crew or employer partners.  The final phase of the program includes college and job placement support.  The 2016 TTP program year will begin in October 2016.

apply now buttonFilling out this application form is the first step in the application process. Please fill it out and return to cathy@joesmovement.orgALONG WITH THE APPLICATION FORM, please also send proof of household income. This can be the family’s (or the applicant’s) most recent income tax return(s) or 3 recent pay stubs. If you wish to submit these by fax, the number is 301-699-1818. Send it to the attention of Cathy.

If proof of income is not readily available, call Cathy at 301-699-1819 to discuss.

IMG_2326Once the application form and income verification documents are submitted, they will be reviewed by TTP staff. Group interviews will then be scheduled. The interviews will take under two hours.

Candidates who show a sincere interest in the program and are ready to actively participate in job training will be called in for a second interview.  It is not necessary to wear a suit to the interview. However, you will be judged on neatness, cleanliness and overall demeanor.

Applicants will be asked to bring additional documents to the second interview (e.g., Social Security card, high school diploma, etc.). The second interview will also take under two hours.

At some point, TTP staff may administer reading and math literacy tests. However, passing such a test is not a requirement for admission to TTP.

All applicants will be notified of their acceptance or rejection within two weeks of the second interview.

Any questions please contact Cathy Smith at


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