Joe’s #BestNineof2016

It’s been an awesome year here at Joe’s! It was nearly impossible to choose our #BestNineof2016 photos but we think this crop is pretty representative. Check it out:

From right to left, starting at the top:

  1. 14379771_10153911025343443_3885274848315300453_oBJ does Body Pump at The Mall at Prince Georges. Arts Education Assistant and all around hunky Joe’s staff, BJ Yates, participates in a Body Pump class with NCrease Fitness LLC, a Joe’s Movement Emporium resident artist company, during Joe’s Day at the Mall this past September. Many of Joe’s resident artists and artist groups showed up to do mini demos of lessons, workshops and upcoming events. NCrease Fitness LLC showcased Body Pump – a new class that is offered Monday evenings and Friday and Saturday mornings. For more info on this class and many other great ways to move at Joe’s, click here.
  2. 15002438_10154058703753443_733512017325622453_oA Joe’s Love Story. Former Arts Education Assistant Casi York and Jessica Quiroz, our Associate Director of Arts Education fell in love right here at Joe’s Movement Emporium. The happy couple was married summer of 2015 and Casi left for a new job at the end of that year. However we didn’t completely lose him, Casi joined his beautiful wife here at Joe’s for our annual gala event in March of this year where the two salsa-ed the evening away. Joe’s annual gala is March of each year, we look forward to having you all celebrating with us March 2017! For more details on how to support Joe’s click here.
  3. 13346197_10153650889448443_2776597635855427312_oUpSpring Studio presents SCIENCE / Fiction. One of Joe’s newer resident artist companies, UpSpring Studio, has experienced incredible growth over the past year. The talented group of aerial instructors and students have developed more “user-friendly”, accessible aerial workshops where anyone, no matter what age or ability, can have the opportunity to fly. Their June performance of “SCIENCE / Fiction” stretched the imagination to new feats with new choreography and techniques from students and instructors alike. UpSpring Studio always has interesting, new workshops to offer. You can check out what they’ve got coming up clicking here.
  4. 13254663_10153638214093443_35665981418206068_oEmmanuel’s Story. Emmanuel M. tells his story during the Theater Tech Program (TTP) storytelling showcase in May of this year. TTP introduces Prince Georgians ages 17-22 to the technical and job-readiness skills needed to progress in the field of entertainment or in any other field they are interested in. Some TTPers need help graduating from high school or earning their GEDs. Others have a desire to go to college but not the means or support for applying to school and getting financial aid. Still others want jobs immediately, whether in arts-related industries or in other parts of the labor pool. Click here to learn more.
  5. 160319_0072Joe’s Moving Company at Joe’s Gala. Joe’s Moving Company is a cost-free, audition-based, community dance ensemble. Created in 2014, Joe’s Moving Company was created in response to the desire of our community’s young people to learn, develop and perform dance traditions from around the world. Most ensembles of this level of professional practice require fees that our young people and their families could not pay. Thanks to funding from Maryland State Arts Council and Prince George’s Arts & Humanities Council, Joe’s Moving Company is completely free for participants. Click here to learn more.
  6. 15027648_10154069510298443_8192629327020205848_n“I Crush Everything.” Flying V spent a week a Joe’s developing a completely new work based on the songs of cult singer/songwriter Jonathan Coulton as part of the 2016-17 NextLOOK series. Established in 2014 through a partnership between The Clarice and Joe’s Movement Emporium, NextLOOK supports the development of new music, plays, dance and other experiences by performing artists based in DC, Maryland and Virginia who are looking to incorporate audience feedback into their creative process. Pictured here Flying V did a beautiful and humorous rendition of “I Crush Everything”, a tale of a lonely sea monster battling it’s most basic urges. Check out 2017’s NextLOOK offerings by clicking here.
  7. 160507_5169Joe’s Does Weddings. This year Joe’s hosted more weddings than ever before. Most notably, the wedding of a resident Gateway Arts District artist, the vow-renewal of the daughter of devoted and loyal Joe’s donors and class-takers, and one of Joe’s own staff all celebrated their love with friends and family here at Joe’s this year. Pictured here, Joe’s Marketing Director and her newly minted husband dance to R. Kelly’s “Ignition Remix” – their take on the traditional “first dance.” Looking for a unique venue for your 2017 wedding and/or reception? Consider Joe’s! Affordable space – your imagination is the limit to what we can do! Click here for more information.
  8. 13938190_10153815557078443_2092037984842696761_oLove Cures Everything. It’s been a year out there in the world. Here at Joe’s we have not been blind nor have our staff and artists been immune to these realities. Ever ready to provide the venue for connecting and peace making, Joe’s hosted an open conversations on racial equality with the Mount Rainier Police and offered our space to all who wished to use it to organize any other community conversations. This photo is from a June Camp Joe’s Summer Arts Camp show after a stirring piece during which the children acted out animosity but worked out their differences through a rousing salsa routine and concluded with this beautiful hand-made sign. Because when people feel art, they get to know culture and they see the similarities. Don’t want to miss another beautiful Joe’s experience? Sign up for our weekly e-newsletter by clicking here.
  9. 14054907_10153845370703443_4141234786276157284_nClub Joe’s School Days. This year marked a milestone for Club Joe’s, Mount Rainier’s oldest and only performing arts based after care program. Club Joe’s celebrated its 20th year in operation by, for the first time ever, being at capacity. Joe’s has been saddened having to turn away many new students because our program has no more space. However pilot programs have been in the work to bring the Club Joe’s after school experience directly to schools. We also look forward to the opening of Art Works Now’s new venue to provide affordable arts-based learning after school for more of our regions children. Click here to learn more about Club Joe’s.

Thanks for revisiting the year with us through photos! Have a Joe’s based photo you think should’ve been included in the nine? Send it to along with your story and we’ll make sure it gets shared!


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