Why work out with a group  when you can do it alone?

14955819_971190553026226_4650527353752907297_nThree words: motivation, accountability and camaraderie

Dance, yoga, martial arts and other forms of movement are enjoyable and effective tools for wellness. They have the benfit of being done to a podcast or youtube video in the comfort of your living room – so why sign up for a class?

The most effective way to develop long-term fitness habits and protect yourself from injury is to commit to a structured class where expert demonstrations of technique and the dynamic environment provided by moving with a group provides the structure and connection that contributes to the creation of a life-long movement habit.

When you sign up for a class, you’re motivated to push yourself and complete the class with the group. When you’re alone in your living room, it may be tempting to cut that workout short. When you move regularly with a group, you have an instructor who notices when you miss a class. The accountability keeps you on track to reach your goals. Lastly the camaraderie of the group and the power of human interaction keeps you moving even when you’ve had a long day and don’t feel like making that evening class.

At Joe’s, we provide extraordinary, daily movement opportunities under our emporium structure. We have everything from yoga to belly dance to dancehall.

The power of the group carries on forward to meet goals ….dancing is more than fitness, it’s culture and connection.

Join us at Joe’s in the New Year to support your wellness goals. Click now to check out our 2017 Adult Classes.


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