Violent Delights: A Shakespearean Brawl-esque Sideshow opens at Joe’s Movement Emporium!

Off the Quill returns to Joe’s with their popular sideshow last performed in 2013.

MOUNT RAINIER, MD April 11, 18—Off the Quill returns to Joe’s Movement Emporium’s Meyer Performance Theater April 27 – May 5 with a deliciously savage “Violent Delights” sideshow. The performance includes many familiar faces for Off the Quill fans and will feature the dazzling physicality and ambitious choreography that has made the group stand out to audience and critics alike. Fans and foes of Shakespeare alike will find a special treat in this glorious “circus of violent delight.” Tickets are $23 general admission and $17 for students and seniors and can be purchased online at Joe’s is located at 3309 Bunker Hill Road, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712.

About Violent Delights


Blending stage combat, dance, physical theater, clowning, and traditional theatrical convention, a charismatic Ringmaster will lead you through Shakespeare’s most spectacular life or death scenarios.  But remember, Violent Delights have violent ends.

“Alluring and disturbing in equal parts, the “violent” part of Violent Delights is sure to engage the audience.”

– Kathleen Joyce, DC Theatre Scene, 2013

About Off the Quill

Off the Quill was founded by four like-minded friends (Patrick Mullen, Katie Wanschura, Leanne Dinverno, and J. Peter Langsdorf) who wanted to create a different kind of theater experience. One that blends many different mediums, like stage combat, dance, clowning, physicality, to present truly compelling stories to the audience. We aim to take classic and modern stories and make them our own, either by writing new material or presenting them in innovative ways.

WHAT:              Off the Quill’s “Violent Delights: A Shakespearean Brawl-esque Sideshow”

WHEN:             April 27 – May 5

WHERE:            The Meyer Performance Theater, Joe’s Movement Emporium, 3309 Bunker Hill Road, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712.

COST:              General Admission $23, Students & Seniors $17



Off the Quill brings “Completely Hollywood” to Joe’s this September

Completely Hollywood

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With just 30 days between idea and execution, Off the Quill brings you Completely Hollywood, a tribute to all things Cinema. The frenetic comedy from the team that brought you the award winning Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged) [revised] has the actors tackling 186 films, plus a screen mashup of their own, in just 90 minutes.

Off the Quill

Off the Quill was founded by four like-minded friends (Patrick Mullen, Katie Wanschura, Leanne Dinverno, and J. Peter Langsdorf) who wanted to create a different kind of theater experience. One that blends many different mediums, like stage combat, dance, clowning, physicality, to present truly compelling stories to the audience. We aim to take classic and modern stories and make them our own, either by writing new material or presenting them in innovative ways.


“Out of Darkness” Returns to Joe’s

Joe’s hosts Patricia Eubanks again for her one woman show, Out of Darkness. Out of Darkness chronicles the story of Eubanks’ life to encourage others – Eubanks tells us, “you can make it through whatever seems to be the cards life dealt you.”

Raised between the two worlds of a Christian mother and an abusive father, Eubanks constant companions were anxiety, fear, and depression. Out of Darkness is a message to all, especially women, that: “no matter the situations life brings you can partner with God and his strategies for your life and be catapulted into your purpose.” Join Eubanks on the story of her journey that teaches us there is no force stronger than love, it is how she moved Out of Darkness.


A note from Patricia Eubanks:



All proceeds from this production will assist in the vision of M.O.T.H.E.R., My Opportunity To Help Everyone Resource. In the business of strengthening children by assisting their families.

Eubanks one night performance will be accompanied by her one woman art show in Joe’s Lobby. All paintings will be available for purchase. Gallery below:

Miz Washington is at rest … but Ally will be back at Joe’s Movement Emporium on Thursday May 11th

On behalf of all of us at Ally Theatre Company, we thank you for your generous support as we kicked off our residency at Joe’s Movement Emporium. From our beautiful grand opening night celebration to our first standing ovation to this Sunday’s packed house and post-show talkback with playwright James Ijames, we are feeling blessed. Your enthusiasm and encouragement mean so much!

Miz Washington is now on a mini-hiatus but we’ll be back for 7 final performances on Thursday May 11th. Don’t miss your chance to see our inaugural production. We must close on May 20th!

While we take a break, here are several ways you can continue to support us.

Support our best supporters! Check out other great programming at Joe’s Movement Emporium!

Support our Artists by participating in our Artist Sponsorship Program

Word of mouth is our best support! Tell everyone you know about Miz Washington and encourage them to see the show before we close on May 20th!


Life-changing work takes Joe’s stage

The play “My Name is Rachel Corrie” comes to Mount Rainier sparking community member reflections

Local community member Travis Neimann shares the impact of a video clip that changed his social consciousness


Photo by Sarah Kozma

Mount Rainier, MD Feb. 18, 16: “My Name is Rachel Corrie” comes to Joe’s Saturday, March 12 at 7:30 pm. Local community member, Travis Neimann, reflects on the importance of the work in his own personal life:

“When I was a student at The Evergreen State College in 2003, I received a video clip in an email that would eventually change the direction of my academic, political and social consciousness. …It was a video of Evergreen student Rachel Corrie being run over and killed by an Israeli bulldozer…I’m certain I knew then that Palestine existed and that violence was a common occurrence [but] this video clip brought the reality literally to my doorstep … I never forgot her nor Palestine. Over the years that followed I found myself drawn to Palestine and to the struggle that Rachel lived and died for. I became involved in the Palestinian solidarity movement, organizing workshops and conferences on the Portland State University campus. She was an inspiration for me, and also a tale of warning.”

Tickets are available on Joe’s website and at the door for $20 general admission, $15 students & seniors and $10 for children 16 & under. Donations are welcomed to support this production and future productions of the work. Joe’s Movement Emporium has set up a separate donation platform of the show that can be reached by clicking here.



Photo by Mark Chamberlain

About “My Name is Rachel Corrie”

The one-person show “My Name is Rachel Corrie”, composed from Rachel’s emails and journal entries by the late Alan Rickman and editor in chief of The Guardian, Katherine Viner, chronicles the life of the 23 year old American Peace Activist who traveled to Gaza in 2003 with the International Solidarity Movement to defend Palestinian homes from being demolished. It was there, on March 16th, 2003 that she was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer while defending a Palestinian’s home from being demolished.

Over the course of the play, Rachel matures from an insightful young girl listing the millions of things she wants to be when she grows up, to a scattered adolescent immersed in the manic search for self while battling boys and an over-involved mom, to a young woman determined to pursue peace and justice in a place she’s never been for people she’s never met, constantly questioning herself, her country and the world around her, and what it is to be human.

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Photo by Tom Bloom

About Ashley Malloy

Ashley Malloy is a New England based actor, writer and teaching artist, with an interest in the stories of those who remain underrepresented or go unnoticed by the commercial theatre. She has worked with underprivileged students and children of incarcerated parents in Hartford, CT and has found a wonderful theatrical community in Western Massachusetts.

Ashley has performed at The National End the Occupation Conference in Washington, D.C., Rachel’s hometown of Olympia, WA, courtesy of The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice on the 11th anniversary of Rachel’s death, and in more than 40 cities nationwide, often sponsored by chapters of Jewish Voice for Peace and Students for Justice in Palestine. She is so grateful to Cindy and Craig Corrie, who continue to be supportive of the tour, ever since they attended one of the first performances of this production in September 2013.

Ashley is a proud member of Actor’s Equity Association, who has graciously allowed her to continue to educate, activate and inspire audiences with “My Name in Rachel Corrie.”


Tickets are $20 per adult, $15 for students and seniors with ID, $10 for children 16 and under. For more info, visit the website or call 301-699-1819.

The Ghost of Strasburg Haunts Joe’s Nov. 20 & 21st | Buy Your Tickets Now!

IMG_7788Welcome to the Strasburg Hotel…

Where the ladies offer more than a good night’s rest… They provide sanctuary to lost souls.

Circa 1929 in Central Virginia. When the wife of a policeman seeks refuge from her husband at the Strasburg Hotel… the hotel proves anything but idyllic.

From critically-acclaimed playwright Carol Lee Campbell (The Goddess Diaries) comes a new story that blends history with a touch of magic in a genre-defying drama about our dalliances with eternity.

Only $15 to see this brand new show!


  • General Admission: $15

Two Nights the week before Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20th at 8pm
Saturday, November 21st at 3 pm

Click Now to Buy

A note from Carol Campbell“The twenties was a time of great achievement for women, having the 19th amendment ratified, for one. But the pace of change is slow; women who worked or were not married and mothering by a certain age were considered outside of the lines of normalcy and often accused of being immoral and sexually deviant. Ghost is full of characters that live their lives outside of society’s norms.

The issues haven’t gone away. This play holds parallels, including what struggles women today face about their body, their friendships and their fate.”

Check out the Facebook event for great updates, photos of cast and crew and more!